Individual exercise program (individual or in pair)

Recreation programs
Individual trainings imply adjusted choice of program, as well as dosed intensity of exercise for each client. Depending on the posture and physical shape, exercise is adjusted to the capabilities and health status of an individual.

Advantage of individual trainings is in orientation on motivation, control, progress monitoring and absolute security while exercising. Also, times of exercise are in accordance with clients free time.

Corrective gymnastics for children

Corrective exercises represent a collection of physical exercises dosed by intensity, type and duration, that can be applied preventively on children with predispositions for occurrences of postural deformity or therapeutically if they already exist. Exercises have a goal to increase muscle strength, range of motion and improvement of movement coordination.

  • Program for children with spine distortion (scoliosis and kyphosis)
  • Program of exercises for flat feet

Exercises are scheduled two times a week, lasting an hour each and are adjusted to students obligations.

Corrective gymnastics for adults

Long-term sitting on work, stress and lowered physical activity lead to many disorders. Corrective gymnastics represent a program of exercises that prevent those disorders and act therapeutically. With his extensive knowledge, experience and distinct creativity, our physiotherapist develops and implements exercises that will give you strong musculature and mitigate pain induced by bad posture, deformation or injury. Exercises are performed with balls, weights, sticks etc.

Exercises are scheduled two times a week in evening hours, lasting an hour each.

Group exercises for elderly people

Program includes preventive exercises for strenghtening and strain of all muscle groups, with special emphasis on spine. Exercises are performed with light music, with or without exercise tools.

  • Exercises for osteoporosis prevention – morning gymnastics

Exercises are scheduled two times a week in morning hours, lasting an hour each.

Group exercises for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a state which changes posture and harmony in musculo-skeletal system of every future mother.

Emphasis is on muscle strenghtening of pelvic, back muscles, abdominal muscles and general relaxation. Exercises are dosed, adjusted to trimester and previous physical activity.

Exercises are scheduled two times a week, lasting an hour. Confirmation from a gynecologist is needed for attendance.

Group exercises Mom & Baby

Returning to good physical shape should be a goal of every mother after giving birth, for health and aesthetic reasons. Muscles and other soft tissue in abdomen and pelvic are changing and weakening. Muscles in pelvic are equal to all other skeletal muscles and can be strenghtened by exercise. Goal is to tone your muscles, accelerate healing of the tissue, improve psychophysical state of the mother and remove postpartum depression by increasing the level of endorphins (hormone of happiness).

Exercises are scheduled two times a week, lasting an hour. Confirmation of physical fitness from a doctor is needed for attendance.

Babies can be included in program of exercises from the age of three months until one year.